Hey! I'm Nikki Gundy, founder of ONTRACK an accountability coaching business that literally runs from just my phone!

2 years ago I developed the ONTRACK Method a clear cut, easy to follow accountability coaching program  that I knew could be transferrable to anyone with a passion for health, fitness and supporting others.


I have since spent another year making sure this can work as business for everyone with as just as much success as I have seen - and I was right!

Over the past year myself and Ontrack Coach Michelle Spindler, have worked (one to one) with over 137 new clients who achieved the most incredible results through my accountability coaching program ONTRACK.. and that was just our first year! 

This year is going to be even BIGGER and I'm so excited to share it with those of you that have the same drive and ambition as I do.

Why You Should Join Us

  • My tried and tested coaching method, to use with your own clients.


  • I'll show you how to deliver the program to get great results AND support you as a coach every step of the way with my exclusive 'ONTRACK COACH' app. 

  • All the hard work done for you. with the ONTRACK business pack.  Everything you could possibly need to set up as coach.

  •  Keep 100% of everything you earn.  

  • Virtually no running costs no products to sell, no office required.  

  • Run an entire business from your phone, anytime, anywhere, in any circumstances.

what does it


What's Included

  • Ready to go Business modeI ( the exact one I use for my own coaching business) All you need is email and WhatsApp.

  • 4 week course.  Let me teach YOU how to be an ONTRACK coach.

  • ONTRACK Business Pack - email templates, client trackers, application forms, contracts.

  • 8 week email program to work through with your clients 

  • 1 year Membership to ONTRACK Coach. I will support you for your entire first year.

  • Network with other coaches and access additional resources in the ONTRACK COACH App


  • Tried and tested method

  • 4 week online training course


  • Business is completely operational from your phone via email and WhatsApp 

  • Virtually no running costs 

  • Keep 100% of everything you earn.

  • No additional products to buy or sell.

  • Work around children, holidays.  Perfect as a fulltime career or as an additional income.

  • Monetise your Instagram or social media following.

  • Ready-made business, minimal work for new coaches starting up.

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Talk about an empowered woman empowering other women! Nikki could not have been more generous in sharing all her resources in order to set us up for success. She is a beautiful human being with beautiful goals and dreams and TRULY, I am beyond honored to be a part of her team of OnTRACK Accountability Coaches, alongside the other amazing, empowered women. Watch out, World, because a beautiful force is coming.

Grace, ONTRACK Coach

© 2018 Nikki Gundy OnTRACK LTD